Friday, June 28, 2013

Lazy Summer Day

Bucket List: #2

Of course, watching T.V. or playing the iPad would #1 for them, but this runs a close second!

Paddle Boarding

I want a Paddle Board.

Bucket List: #1 (at least for me)
I don't have upwards of $1000, so renting will just have to do until then...

Art Week - Summer Theme Week

I can't believe it's been 5 weeks of Summer Vacation already! The time really does fly by when Summer Theme Weeks happen. There isn't any second guessing of what we will be doing that day! (Totally doing this next summer too!)

This week, Aidan was at VBS (Vacation Bible School) most of the week, so Art Week really was made for Luke and me. He's my crafter. Aidan is a quick scribble and DONE kinda guy.

We started the week off by visiting a friend to help us paint our bird bath for the garden.

Each were given a couple Terra cot-ta pots to paint. Then we gave them mixed colors and let them go at it. (Of course, I had Luke put his hand prints in the bath tray for sentimental purposes ;-) )

When we got home, I covered the pots in a protective coating and used liquid nails to connect them together. (Okay, so Ted helped on the last part.) Then Daddy helped Luke fill the bath with water and no sooner had we left that a couple of birds visited. I think we're gonna like having it!

He's so proud!!

Hammer Art - An interesting technique!
Aidan asked for a "day off" to "regroup" from VBS. If you know anything about our Mr. Aidan, you'll know that this is a huge thing for him to voice. So we had an Art Day with him.

We started out on a Nature Walk through the neighborhood to find interesting plants, leaves and grasses. The more unique and colorful the better.

Then, we laid it out on a porous paper and laid a paper towel over the item. Then I let them have a WHACK! The natural dyes from the leaves and flowers seeped out made an imprint.

Obviously, you were to use a ball-peen hammer (didn't have) and more porous paper (didn't have) - and absolutely not WHACK the paper with all your might that you crush the poor flowers into a mushy mess. But hey, they're boys and they did art... 'nough said.

Solar Printing
I had solar paper from a couple of years ago when Aidan and I learned about the sun. I thought, why not get it out for Luke?

He thought I was magic - well isn't it obvious, son? - but nonetheless, he was intrigued.

Clay Pots

Aidan made this in VBS as they were studying about Athens, Greece. He was pretty proud, and as any good mama, it is sitting on display in my kitchen window sill.

I'm pretty sure that within the next few weeks, painted pet rocks will be on display ;-)

Next Week: SPACE! (Why not, it's Fourth of July week! Might as well be looking up! Hopefully we can catch a firework show!)