Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bucket List's

It seems that with every season of life, comes a Bucket List. When we were in High School, there was definitely a bucket list; even if it was not labeled that. In College...oh yeah...there was one. Getting married...DID THAT! Have a baby? Oh my goodness...that Bucket List was forever long, and I guarantee, NONE HAVE COME TO FRUITION the way I would have planned. Now, that we are in the midst of raising our family, we have done many wonderful things, only I found that there was really no way of sharing them. Making photo albums of these would be awesome...but we are on a tight budget, and making and buying a photo album, in our eyes at this moment, would be a waste of money. Free.

So alas, ANOTHER blog has been born. To tie up the air waves of the web. But I don't care...cause Life is a Bucket...overflowing with things to do. So here we go.

And before we get to it...What's on your family's bucket list?