Sunday, January 6, 2013

Buy a toy to give mom a heart attack

Bucket list for mom: There is no number that could define.
Bucket list for Aidan: This is no number that could define.

For Christmas, Nana and Papa got Aidan a motorized scooter. Now, it can only go 40 miles at a time before it is time to recharge. And it can only go so fast, so there are no speed demons allowed. HOWEVER! The idea of riding, directing and being anywhere near a motorized vehicle is NOT something I would like to see my 7 year old near.

Kicking the Winter Blues

You know that old sayin' "Why give expensive gifts? The kids only play with the box that the gifts come in!"

This is proven to be true in our case.

Bucket List #406: Make a life size maze in the Living Room to Kick the Winter Blues away.

Up through Christmas and after Christmas, I saved all the boxes I could for this very day. I wanted to make a maze for the boys to go through and hang out in to waste away the hours of winter when it was too cold to go outside!

With an $8 roll of Gorilla Duct Tape, Ted and I put together a maze. Now, they are happily playing in it with their crayons, markers, flashlights and toys. Although they are hoping to bring their friends over to play in it, the maximum load occupancy is a mere 5...but we'll explain that lesson later when it implodes from too much fun!