Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving...Definitely not one to repeat....

This year after Ted brought home a couple of pheasants, we thought it would be interesting to smoke them in his new smoker. We also smoked a turkey. Of course, nothing more yummier then wrapping anything in bacon.

Unfortunately for this family, this Thanksgiving was a rough one. Aidan was really sick the day before almost to the point of passing out. (That is always a fun one). Luke was fine, thankfully...until today, which he seems to have a bit of a fever. My dad, returned from a business trip to Thailand two days before Thanksgiving, and I don't care who you are, jet lag is no fun. My mom had a pacemaker put in about 2-3 weeks ago and is still recovering from a slight complication from the surgery.

As we set about our day yesterday, I too, was feeling slightly under the weather, but we got up at butt-crack-thirty to put the birds into the smoker. As we dealt with a sick Aidan and myself too, we continued to prepare for the day of Thanks.

At about 150 degrees we noticed that the turkey seemed to not cook anymore...OH! that would be because the thermometer pooped out on us and we had to beg our neighbors to give up theirs for a short time so we could see if they were done!

About 2 hours later than planned, we finally sat down to eat. Dad was already dozing off due to jet lag, Aidan was done and dusted and had already had about 4 showers that day because he said they made him feel better. I was ready to crawl in bed and be done.

The meal was delicious! Delicious, delicious, delicious. One of those super comfort food meals. Which seemed to be what everyone was needing.

As we cleaned up and got ready for mom and dad to leave. Aidan went down hill fast. The lack of nap caught up to Luke, dad was really ready to leave as was mom, and I began to get what Aidan got. Ugh.

After getting the boys into bed, I went downhill at about the speed of light...and so did Ted. Unfortunately, even though the boys were in bed, they didn't stay there. Luke had nightmares well into the early morning hours. Aidan couldn't sleep because of a stuffed up nose, chapped lips, and probably an empty belly. Ted or I couldn't sleep because either we were up ourselves with not feeling good or tending to the boys. About 3 AM this morning, the house FINALLY quieted down. Only to be woken up at 6 AM to happy healthy boys and happy and healthy mom and dad.

What a weird Thanksgiving.

We are all tired today, and we are definitely feeling the lack of sleep. But so very thankful for everything in our lives. We have great friends, excellent family, a house, warmth, food, jobs and cars.

But the one thing that our family is most thankful for is the Saving Grace of Jesus. Without him, all the THINGS we are thankful for would be nothing without him. When Ted and I began our journey of dating and eventually marriage, our "motto" if you will, was/and still is...WITHOUT JESUS, WE HAVE NOTHING AT ALL. This remains true today and will still be true tomorrow.

So, we are truly thankful for everything in our lives, but really...Jesus saved us and for that, we are TRULY THANKFUL.

May you all have a wonderful holiday season this year.

A Brisk Sunday Morning Walk

About a month ago, Ted and I had a mini weekend, sans kids. We enjoyed our time together immensely. With that time we found a little pond near our home that had perfect trails for the boys to ride their scooters around.

One brisk morning, we took them out for a little walk and enjoyed it so much that the boys keep asking to go back. This might actually become a little habit...which is always good when the habits that are to be formed are excellent!

Be Buzz Lightyear for a Day

Luke is 3. And like all 3 year olds, the media has done an amazing job marketing to them youngin's. But who could resist my little guy when all he wanted was a Buzz cake...OH! And to be Buzz for a day. Happy Birthday my little Buzz Boy!

Happy Birthday Luke!!