Friday, August 17, 2012

Family Photos

In July, we had our family photos taken. We had some done in January, which we LOVED! by a very good friend. After our "Cowboy Summer" (shouldn't that be a Country Song Title?) and Theo getting back to his "roots", we wanted to do a "staged" scene. After being behind the camera, I wanted to play with my family photos.

Our great friend, Suzy was in town and I asked her to take our photos. We've known Suzy and her hubby Matt from our Sterling days. Both of us were young married's without kids...well of the human nature. We both had dogs. I'm pretty sure one of us or both of us bailed each others four-legged creatures out of the county pound a time or two.

Anyways, we have some new favorites to add to our wall.

Bucket List #958 Cowboy/girl up

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gold Panning

Now I know that you are dying to scream... "THERE'S GOLD IN THEM THERE HILLS!" and I beg to differ...there is not THAT much gold in them there hills. In fact...I pretty sure they wiped it clean in the late 1800's. BUT! That doesn't keep the kids from finding Fool's Gold!

This morning, I took the kids to the ARGO GOLD MINE AND MILL for a tour and some gold panning. Aidan did come home with SOME gold flecks. But mostly "carefully placed" fools gold.

Bucket List #520 Pan for gold...well anything really.

We started out touring with the Homeschool group of all the STUFF in the yard. Aidan attached to a new friend SUPER quick! Lightening speed, really. They just moved here from the Black Hills of North Carolina a week and a half ago! Such an awesome family!

And yes...I have no idea why he is showing his new friend his armpit. What these boys will do!!!

Miner's Strike? Really Lukey?

Now he is a happy boy!

After our tour, we got to pan for gold. Our tour guide, BOB, was awesome! Just phenomenal! I truly believe that he lives, eats and breathes this mining stuff. To say he was an old timer would truly be an understatement.

He was so intruiging for the boys to pay attention to. He definitely kept them on their toes...of ALL AGES!

After explaining the panning techniques, he turned them loose!

Unfortunately, we didn't strike it rich, but Tour Guide Bob let him down gently.

After a bus ride up the hill, we entered into one of the ore mines. Hard hats donned and all, we entered into the 50 degree mine. I was surprised at how gung-ho the boys were!

The tour ended going through the mill. But before that, we visited the entrance to the Argo Tunnel. The longest mining tunnel of its time. It goes from Idaho Springs to Central City. It was even said, that school teachers would ride the iron ponies (cargo cars) through the tunnel and be lifted out the other end in Central City and walk right into their classrooms. Now that is dedication.

Adult Only Camping Trip

After becoming parents, Ted and I realized that our camping trips would change drastically. Meaning that, gone were the days of lounging around the lake fishing and talking. HOWEVER! Since this is a new bucket list...we added it to THE list.

Bucket List #883 - Adult Only Camping Trip (Well, more like Lounging Trip)

Us and another couple headed up to Red Feather Lakes (close to the burn area...WOWZA) and camped for the weekend. We literally did nothing. Well, nothing to be noted, really.

To be honest, we really couldn't even call what we did camping. I mean the tent site had a hook up. My husband brought an extension cord. So, of course, I did what any sensible woman would do...I brought my coffee maker.

While the men fished (well one fished, the other drank beer and slept ;-) ), the ladies sat in LARGE, COMFY, HEAVY chairs and read. Definitely not what I would be doing if my children came along.

Obviously, he didn't fish. Such a bright, bright, man!

As the sun began to set on our last night there, dinner (and the 4 fish) were being cooked up!

We had brought steaks to grill over the fire and some corn to fire roast (super delish - by the way), we thought might as well and throw the fish sticks on!

Oh my goodness, we couldn't stop eating!!! It was SOOO SUPER YUMMY!
It was such a good trip, that there are talks of an annual end of the summer ADULT ONLY Camping trip. I think it might be worth it!

The sun began to set on what I think was probably the most restful camping trip I have yet to go on...sans kids. Ahhh yes. Definitely will be on the calendar again for the next year. Who's coming with??

OF NOTE: **The theme of this summer has obviously been cowboys/girls. Which, I'm not opposed to at all. I might as well keep it going!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mutton Bustin'

There comes a time in every mom's life where you throw caution to the wind and say, "Sure! Why not!" The time came for me when we entered Aidan into the Mutton Bustin' competition at the High Country Rodeo in Fraser, Colorado last weekend. Of course, it helped him to pump up his little chest by having all the Kerbs' cousins, aunts, uncles and Grandpa and Grandma there as well to head up his own cheering section.

Its not entirely official, but we believe he got 2nd place out of 20 kids. At least that is our story and we're sticking to it.

Bucket List #132 - Ride a cranky ol' sheep in a rodeo

Older cousin sharing his mutton bustin' knowledge.

The boys watching the cowboys prep the arena.

Daddy explaining to Luke that he is not big enough yet but someday he will be.

They won't stay this size for long!

And the big ride! Don't blink, you may miss it! 86 POINTS!

Congratulatory pat on the back from Daddy.

The Ribbon

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Many of you know, Optimus Prime visited our home a few times last month. He watered flowers and joined us at the lake. Unfortunately, he had a mission to complete, so Spiderman took up residence and is fighting crime and injustice (mainly injustice caused by the older brother).

Growing carrots

While I admit I was a bit over zealous when it came to my garden this year, I am super impressed that those tiny black dots that they call carrot seeds, TOOK! We have a bountiful crop of carrots this year! I'm picking them early to get them at their sweetest. Both the boys will pull them up and hose them off and eat them right outta the ground! However, I cannot keep up with making homemade hummus to go with them. I'm gonna have to find a yummy carrot soup recipe. Aww, who we kidding, I don't make homemade hummus, and its not soup season. Carrot cake. Yep, that's what I'm making outta these guys!