Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mud Play with your Cousin

Bucket List #109

Of course, Easter, they day where you have special clothes. Mothers use their own spit to keep your hair in place. Being Brain Dusted is the norm. Ahh...the day of family.

This year, we visited Ted's parent's house for Easter and we were joined by his sister's family. After the meal, the egg hunt and obligatory photos were snapped, the two boys wasted no time in getting muddy...like REALLY muddy.

Going (to go) PRO

Aidan has taken a couple of months off from Tae Kwon Do to play soccer. Although this month has been CRAZY with winter weather in the Spring time, and he hasn't had much of a chance to play or practice, the few times he did get onto the pitch, he has been in HEAVEN!

Bucket List #39 - Wait! There are people out there who will PAY you to play soccer??? (Yes son. They're called Pros)

GO HAWKS! Colorado Storm U 7/8 Boys!

Of course, it's always great when you have super cute cheerleaders on the sidelines!

Demolition Party

Bucket List #...Hmm...Actually, I don't think that this ever WAS ON the Family's Bucket List. But it happened, either way...

In our remodel plans, we have wanted to take out the coat closet in the entry way. It blocks the "flow" in and out of the kitchen and with it gone, it allows for MORE PEOPLE TO COME OVER!!

If you ever mention that you want to "TAKE OUT" a wall to a cowboy, be ready for it to actually HAPPEN!!

While talking around our NEW Sand filled fire pit, it was mentioned that this wall would be taken out sometime. No time like the present as it was mentioned that someone, who will remain nameless, made it known that he has ran through walls and would do it again if given the chance. Ted took him up on the offer. Oi Vey.

Of course, no demolition party could conclude without a shot from 60+ year old whiskey with an apple juice chaser (yeah, try it before you knock it) Thank you Aunt Irma!

This picture will be framed and hung on the wall labeled "Team Effort" and will forever be on the Wall of Fame!

After demolition was accomplished, we all took the lumber outside to guess what!? The fire pit! It was a LARGE fire to be sure for a LONG TIME! So much so, we had to move all the chairs outside the sand to be safe!

I guess it's safe to say, after reading through this blog, there is never really a dull moment in this house.


Transform the Backyard

Ever since we moved into this foreclosed house, we have wanted to transform the backyard into a beach fron... oh wait...darn, we live in Colorado.

At any rate, we are slowly transforming the backyard into a fun place to hang out with family and friends!

We might as well add a fire pit while we are at it and a sand pit...OH! and add a cozy hammock corner too!