Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Father's Day Fishing Trip

For Father's Day this year, I took Ted on a Fishing Trip with his buddy to Gross Reservoir. Save the jokes. Heard them all.

I was thinking, I'll bring a book, a drink, and sun along the shore while the men fished. So I wore flip-flops. 2 miles later on rugged terrain, we reached our "spot". Never again will I wear flip-flops to go fishing. Ever. Never. Ever.

But the scenery was beautiful!

Once the men were settled, I settled down and enjoyed a book and a beverage in the warm, yummy sun. Shocking, I know.

Then, when it was time to cool off, Ted thought it was a GRAND idea to try his hand at log rolling. Yup. Didn't work out too well.

Not that you are suppose to be in the reservoir - it is actually Denver's Water - NO STINKY BODIES ALLOWED! - Pete and I went in. He splashed me. I dunked him.

After a few hours and NO FISH later, we trekked back up the trail and headed out.


Bucket List #...Hmmm...I guess that is such a From a Person's Point of View thing, that I guess I really don't know how to rate it.

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